A Pet Portrait session is a fantastic session for Animal and Human alike,

Although the goal is to produce amazing images the key to it is ensuring that it becomes something fun and enjoyable for all involved.

Sessions can be arranged either indoors or outdoors using as little or as much equipment, lighting and backgrounds as needed to obtain the finished result.

You can choose from digital images, perfect for sharing on social media, or printed and framed images & canvases that can be displayed for all to see. Each package starts with a “Sitting Fee” which covers attendance and the photoshoot, you can then select as many or as few finished images or digital images as you want.

These sessions do have another benefit that is often overlooked, if your beloved pet ever goes missing having a set of clear images showing them from all angles can be of great help if you need to share or print them, that’s why we also take images at the beginning of each session of your pet from all angles making sure to capture any distinct identifying marks just in case needed

If you want to discuss a pet portrait session or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact page